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How to Cook a Steak in the Oven | Cooking Perfect Flank Steak At Home (Broiling Method)

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven | Cooking Perfect Flank Steak At Home (Broiling Method)
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How to Cook a Steak in the Oven | Cooking Perfect Flank Steak At Home (Broiling Method)


    Flank steak (or any other steak)


  1. 1. Preheat over to 200°C / 390°F
  2. 2. Rub steak with salt and pepper
  3. 3. Bake steak for few minutes from each side (Check summary for bake times)
  4. 4. Rub steak with garlic and butter
  5. 5. Let it rest for 5 minutes covered in aluminium foil

How to Cook a Steak in the Oven | Cooking Perfect Flank Steak At Home (Broiling Method)

Cooking perfect steak at home doesn’t need to be difficult if you know how to. Let me introduce you failproof oven method that will make sure you will never overcook your steak again.

There are just few thing you need to know before cooking your steak.

Rule #1: Always let your steak get room temperature before cooking

When cooking the steak, you want to have evenly spread temperature throughout the steak and having steak at room temperature will help you achieve that. If you start cooking the steak right after getting it out from the fridge, it will be cold inside and burned on outside.

To get a steak to room temperature make sure to get it away from a fridge at least 1 hour before cooking.

Rule #2: Use fresh steak cuts

This method works mainly for flank and skirt steak. You can even make more expensive cuts like striploin, ribeye, rump, t-bone and other delicious with this approach but it won't work with cheaper non-steak cuts like chuck or blade.

Also always use fresh meat, especially if you are going for a rare steak. You don't want to eat old and almost raw meat.

Raw flank steak
Raw flank steak

Rule #3: Use stopwatch

It is very hard to hit perfect steak just by eye if you are not pro chef. For rest of us, there is one great utility named stopwatch. I will show you rough times how long to cook steak, but it is better to try few ones and find the times that suit best your needs.

Cooking times for flank steak

  • ~1 inch - rare steak 2 + 2 min
  • ~1 inch - medium steak 3 + 3 min
  • ~1-2 inch - rare steak: 3 + 3 min
  • ~1-2 inch - medium steak: 5 + 5 min
  • Over ~2 inch - rare steak 4.5 + 4.5 min
  • Over ~2 inch - medium steak 6 + 6 min

I never measure my steaks but lower steak is something about 1 inch, and higher steak is about 2 inches. It is better to start with shorter cooking times and add few more minutes next time if you prefer it more done.

Rule #4: Let it rest

Don't hurry! Let steak rest for at least 5 minutes to help it spread the juices back to the meat and to make it even more tender. If you are aiming for rare wrap steak into aluminum foil and if you are aiming for medium or over leave it on the pan and cover with aluminum foil.

Resting flank steak
Resting flank steak

Rule #5: Seasoning

Steaks are perfect without seasoning, but seasoning steak with salt and pepper before cooking will help elevate flavor profile and using butter and/or garlic and/or fresh rosemary.