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Osso Buco Recipe | How to Cook Osso Buco In The Oven From Beef Shanks

Osso Buco Recipe | How to Cook Osso Buco In The Oven From Beef Shanks
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Osso Buco Recipe | How to Cook Osso Buco In The Oven From Beef Shanks


    Beef shanks
    Canned tomatoes
    Beef stock
    Olive oil


  1. 1. Season meat at least 1 hour before cooking but you can leave it in the fridge for 1-2 days
  2. 2. Season it with salt, pepper, diced garlic and olive oil
  3. 3. In baking tray make 1st layer from cleaned carrots
  4. 4. Cut onion into rings and make 2nd layer from them
  5. 5. On the pan sear the meat from both sides
  6. 6. Place seared meat into baking tray
  7. 7. Add canned tomatoes
  8. 8. Add beef stock if there is still place in baking tray
  9. 9. Bake 2h30min at 300°F/145°C and 30min at 390°F/200°C
  10. 10. Rotate meat every 60 minutes and add beef stock if liquid is evaporated
  11. 11. Move meat, carrots and onion into different container
  12. 12. Move sauce into pan
  13. 13. Reduce juices to ¼ - ⅕ until sauce gets thicker
  14. 14. Serve sauce over meat and enjoy 🙂

Osso Buco Recipe | How to Cook Osso Buco In The Oven From Beef Shanks

Traditionally Osso Buco is cooked from veal shanks but you can use beef shanks as I did. Beef Osso Buco is one of my very favorites meals in low carb diet because beef shanks are cheap but tough cut and when cooked properly you can make easily very delicious meal.

Cooking Osso Buco in the oven is one of the best cooking methods because it needs a lot of time and you can easily fit many portions of Osso Buco as you want on the baking tray. When cooking Osoo Buco in the oven it will took about 3 hours, cook it for 2h30min on lower temperature (300°F/145°C) and 30 more minutes on higher temperature (390°F/200°C).

If you are hosting dinner party, Osso Buco can be easily made ahead. I will recommend cooking it at least one day ahead because it will develop richer flavor. It will stay fresh for up to 3 days in the fridge. And if you cooked too much of it just portion it and freeze it.

osso buco
Osso buco

Osso Buco doesn’t lose its flavors when reheated. Just put frozen portion of Osso Buco in the pan, add splash of water, put lid on and let it cook for few minutes.

Sometimes recipes for Osso Buco are using flour and other unhealthy ingredients but I’ve made version which is healthy and great for low carb diet.

I love to serve Osso Buco just with carrots and onions that were cooked together with beef shanks. But if you want Osso Buco is also great if served with baked potatoes or rice and if you want to follow traditional recipe check google for parsley gremolata.

Oh and especially for paleo lovers don’t forget to eat deliciously cooked bone marrow. It may taste funny for some of you but if you find its taste, it is one of the best parts of beef shanks.